About Agoda

Agoda is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online travel booking platforms. Based in Asia and part of Booking Holdings, we foster an environment rich in diversity, creativity, and collaboration. We build and scale cutting-edge technology that enables millions to experience the world.

Agoda - Working at Agoda

Working at Agoda

At Agoda, we believe in moving fast, with individuals and teams taking full ownership in their area. With our value in experimentation and data-driven decision making, we aspire to always iterate and develop to be the best.

As a global company, Agoda is home to 4,500+ employees from 98 nationalities, working in our 75 offices worldwide. Here, you’ll get to work with the best professionals in their fields, make many new friends and truly celebrate diversity.

Agoda’s Value

Career Development

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for career development at Agoda. Here, you’re encouraged to take ownership of your career and get support from us to progress on your path. We support career growth in both technical and managerial routes, while also open for lateral explorations.


Sugimura Toshiya - Agoda
Toshiya Sugimura
Customer Experience Specialist

I joined Agoda as CST agent in Dec 2021. Before that I used to work as a bartender so this was totally a new experience and filed for me. Working at agoda has its challenges, for example maintaining a high KPI is hard sometimes, but the abundance in support from colleagues and management staff makes it not only doable but motivating enough to do so. The respect people has to each other here is nice and very different from what I have experience in other workplaces. With the bounce back on travel we are growing so much and so fast, and I am personally interested in people management/training department so I am doing my best to skill my self up for when opportunity is open.

Agoda - Maria
Maria Owa
Customer Experience Specialist

My favorite team culture here is openness. It means I can express my opinion easily, especially when I notice opportunities for improvement. I feel that the management really listens to what we have to say. I also like that no matter how big our team are, we are working together. For example, when the Japan team faced a traffic situation, we had the Korea team help handle cases. That not only helped us but also our customers.

Agoda - Akari
Akari Yoshida
Assistant Project Manager, Operational Excellence

I joined Agoda as a Customer Support Specialist. I really enjoyed understanding the why and how behind our workflows, so I did an internship with the L&D team, which led me to become a trainer in our Yokohama office. With my interest to go deeper into the thought process behind our procedures and culture, I moved again into my current role in the Operational Excellence team (and in Bangkok!).

Agoda - Masayuki
Masayuki Ono
Customer Experience Specialist

The working environment at Agoda is very flat and we are all evaluated fairly so there are opportunities for everyone especially now that we are growing so fast. I joined Agoda as a Customer Support Specialist and had the chance to move up to the Specialized Support Team. Currently, I am supporting the operations as a Team Captain and I am very excited to see how this will open more doors for me.