Would I get insurance?
  • Yes, you would be able to join the health, social and employment insurance (except in some circumstances).
Would I receive annual leave (paid holidays)?
  • Yes, after 6 months of continuous work you will receive 10 days of paid holidays.
Can I get a medical checkup?
  • Yes, long-term haken workers are eligible for an annual medical check provided for by Michael Page. After 12 months of work, a medical check would be arranged in the next quarter.
Would I receive commutation fees?
  • At the discrection of the client, yes. In most cases, no.
Would I be able to become a permanent employee? 
  • This depends on the circumstances and wishes of the client.
Can I register to become a Michael Page haken whilst registering at another haken agency?
  • Yes you can.

What is my notice period if I am resigning?
  • It would be safe to plan an one month notice period. This may be negotiable for certain cases.