What led you to IT recruitment?

I am a people person and passionate about people, so I do not hesitate to speak to people I don't know. I think that recruitment is my dream job because I can utilize my IT engineer background and my language skills.

What have been the biggest challenges and how have you overcome them?

I value teamwork, although teamwork is not always the case in recruitment. My goal is to cultivate teamwork culture within my team, and when I meet potential hires, I look for team players.

Tell us a little about the transition from another recruitment firm to PageGroup

I was a temp recruitment consultant working for our competitor. I enjoyed the speed and dynamic as a temp consultant, but the relationships tended to be transactional. Working as a perm recruitment consultant, I had to change my mindset and aim for long-term relationships.  

What is most rewarding about your job? 

Recruitment is rewarding in general. In my case, building a team with the culture I want to cultivate has been the most rewarding.

What advice would you give someone with a sales background who wanted a job in recruitment?

Recruiting is rewarding and fun because it is a people business, but at the same time it can be stressful since we cannot control people. 
We are only able to deal with candidates and clients from the middle and even though everyday is the same, it is different because we deal with different candidates and clients.