Our Page Project Outsourcing (PPO) experts are all trained in the methods and tools of PageGroup, whose expertise in recruitment is well-known in Asia Pacific and throughout the world.

The PPO team is made up of the following:

1. Project leaders are appointed for their qualifications, their work history and their experience within the Group. They are the leaders of committed teams and are responsible for:

  • Teams’ activity (understanding of the positions, pace of the searches, sending CVs, monitoring interviews with candidates)
  • Quality of the presented candidates
  • Development of and compliance with the forecast schedules
  • Introducing, presenting and analysing any qualitative and quantitative reporting that has been agreed
  • Permanent and transparent communication among the stakeholders to establish a relationship of mutual confidence
  • Quality control and clients' satisfaction for each of the projects
  • Maintaining and constantly improving the partnership between their clients and PPO
  • Listening to any feedback regarding areas for improvement and implementing corrective action

2. Project consultants are selected for their familiarity with the specialisations to be filled,using  sourcing and selection techniques relevant to the level of the position. They take the role of an adviser at each stage: providing an understanding of the positions and the profiles, executing sourcing strategy, interviewing with and evaluating the candidates, presenting resumes and other candidate information. They are able to help and coordinate professional behaviour tests and aptitude assessment tests if required.

For your support services, PPO appoints a dedicated project leader to be one clear point of contact for you.

For more information about Page Project Outsourcing (PPO) in Japan, please email Richard King, Senior Managing Director. For more information about Asia, please email Jon Goldstein, Regional Director, Business Development or call him at +65 6643 9715. For more information about PPO in Australia and New Zealand, please contact Matthew Gribble, Regional Managing Director or call him at +61 2 8292 2159.