LinkedIn has been a game changer for the recruitment industry, giving clients and candidates more avenues than ever to seek out specific skills sets, advice or their next career move. We truly believe that platforms like LinkedIn are powerful and important channels for us, helping us generate deep insights into market conditions and employment trends which we can use to improve our services.

LinkedIn has also become an invaluable channel of communication for us to share advice and expertise, something LinkedIn themselves recognised when they named PageGroup the 'World's Most Socially Engaged Recruitment Company' in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

In the spirit of sharing advice, here are our inside tips for using LinkedIn to drive growth in your business.

1. Top socially engaged companies empower their employees to be brand ambassadors

To create the rankings, LinkedIn measured how many internal employees follow their company’s page and whether they are likely to share company updates with their wider network.

For us, it goes further than that. Our consultants are acting as brand ambassadors every time they contact someone on behalf of Michael Page via LinkedIn. We know that our people are invested in how they portray the company to potential clients and candidates and we see great success from using LinkedIn in that way.

It really comes down to employee engagement – when you have a team that understands your brand proposition, they are in a powerful position to help project that to the broader market through the social media channel. It has been a key contributor to leading a motivated team here at Michael Page that feel connected to playing their part in building our brand and the business.

2. Employees are more engaged and optimistic at top socially engaged companies

According to LinkedIn, employees of top socially engaged companies are far more optimistic than those of other companies. On top of that, 15% of those who are socially engaged are more likely to feel proud of the leadership of their company. LinkedIn also measured connections between colleagues at a company and found that those with strong engagement are more likely to build relationships with their co-workers.

At Michael Page, we actively aim to build a strong team culture, through teamwork and employee engagement programmes. Our five company values underscore everything we do: take pride, be passionate, never give up, work as a team and make it fun.

The social media channel has been a good way to demonstrate, promote and reinforce company values to the broader marketplace. In turn, it is yet another way internally that helps us bring our values to life on a day to day basis. With a focus on career development here at Michael Page this continues to underpin how we lead and motivate individuals to achieve their best within the Group.

3. Social media engagement contributes to competitive advantage

Social media is a powerful tool and one we encourage our team to engage with. Having a strong presence on a professional network like LinkedIn means we are able to build a reputation within the business community over the longer term. We definitely view it as sustained competitor advantage to better serve both our clients and candidates.

Social media engagement within a business does not happen quickly. However, if you set a clear strategy, focus on communicating this well within your business and then execute the strategy consistently over time there is significant competitor advantage to be gained.

We look forward to continuing to provide our followers and a wider audience with the tools and insights they need to forge their dream career path.  If you're not already, click here to follow us on LinkedIn and see why we're the world's most socially engaged recruitment company!


Want to drive business growth via social media engagement?  Here's how:

  • Make your employees your brand ambassadors - higher employee engagement with your brand drives higher rankings
  • Social engaged companies have more engaged, optimistic employees
  • Social media engagement contributes to competitive advantage
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